Automatic working procedures for a number of areas

For example, as workshops who, today, have to carry out this procedure manually. Also, they ensure less waste and prevent unnatural working positions

All pumps are battery-powered and, thus, they are easily moved to the next place they are needed

OILMAT is controlled directly with an APP
which provides a number of advantages:


Automatic reordering with Nordic Lube when the supply reaches a point which is defined in advance.


Automatic sending of e-mail to optional e-mail address concerning data on consumption per case/user.


The opportunity for entering case no. or number plate for the purpose of correct allocation of costs.


Feasibility of locking the pump or allocating rights to the individual users of each pump.

The Tall OILMAT cabinet

Composition of 2 modules. Thus you can begin with the low version and later expand by one more and then combine the two into a tall cabinet

This way, you get 6 servings – for 6 different types of oil

Total demension size:
Height: 207 cm
Width: 109 cm
Leight: 94cm

Total demension size:
Height: 207 cm
Width: 109 cm
Leight: 94cm

The Low OILMAT cabinet

OilMat Cabinet is designed as a low cupboard with 3 pump units from which oil can be served in precisely the amount desired

At the top, under the bench top, there is room for the storage of other products

OILMAT basic unit

This model is designed for use in environments making heavy demands on mobility and where the work area is not always optimal.
The unit comprises a 2-metre hose and drip-proof spout.

OILMAT trolley

The OilMat Trolley is designed for containing 2 x 20-litre oil cans or 1 x 60-litre barrel
Includes oil pan
The model is also available for 3 x 20-litre oil cans or 1 x 200-litre barrel (without oil pan).